Founded in 1978, BAUD Industries has become an international group and leading name in bar turning, high-precision machining and complex mechanical bearing assemblies for industries with a strong technological focus.

“As a family-run independent group, we are able to grow and develop our business whilst abiding by strong values: 
respecting people, aiming for optimal quality and investment in the long term.
We put these values and expertise at your service to support you in the development of ever more technical and smarter products. We are committed to leading all your projects towards success, all over the world”.

Our values


Because self-respect, respect for clients, for suppliers and for collaborators, as well as for the environment which surrounds us, guides our daily behaviour.


Excellence is an art which can only be achieved through constant practice.


Innovation is the key to improving our performance, our competitiveness and determines our success.


Passion has driven us from the beginning and it is only through passion that great things may be achieved.