Our values

The group’s Social and Environmental responsibility is put into practice every day, both within its commitments to its collaborators and to the industry sector, in its contact with local organisations and in its environmental policy.

Environmental impact

In order to reduce its carbon footprint, BAUD Industries is committed to using natural resources responsibly, monitoring its energy consumption, verifying the sources/origins of its materials and developing recycling processes.

Procedures are in place at our various locations/sites to encourage our partners and associates to join us on the path of eco-responsibility.

Gender equality index.

In accordance with the regulations aimed at eliminating the differences in remuneration between men and women in the company (Decree N°2019-15 of January 8, 2019), we needed 75 points out of 100 in order to fulfil our obligations at the BAUD Vougy site (the only French site of the group with more than 50 employees).

We obtained 84 points out of 100 .

National and international involvement

As a Member of the Federation for Mechanical Industries (FIM), The National Union for bar turning (SNDEC), the bar turning Technical Centre (CTDEC), and the Mechanical Industries Technical Centre (CETIM), the company is strongly committed within its industrial sector to support French industry.

As a member of the Arve Industries centre of excellence, BAUD Industries invests in the growth of collaborative innovative projects which benefit the entire sector/industry.

Local involvement

BAUD Industries actively seeks out involvement in local communities and contributes to the development of all regions where the group operates.

The company is a sponsor of several sporting activities which drive community life around the various sites.