Development and career prospects: keeping it in the family

BAUD Industries has built its history thanks to the men and women who work for the company every day. To enable our employees to evolve in their careers, we prioritize internal promotion and invest heavily in on-going training of our existing employees.

The company also provides specific training courses to offer qualifications to those who were unable to complete them previously. Employees have the opportunity to complete a 500-hour training course for the Certificate of Joint Metallurgy Qualification (CQPM), a recognized diploma which provides transferable skills.

Meet some of our team

Eddy (BAUD Dimep)

Eddy has been a key player at our Dimep site since its inception. Today, as the site director, he runs the site and its 80 employees. In addition to this, he is now managing our site in Detroit (USA).

Catherine (BAUD Dimep)

Catherine, based at Dimep, has looked after the group’s earliest/first clients for many years.

Christophe (DCI)

Christophe designs machines to meet specific customer needs.

Camille (BAUD Vougy)

Initially employed by Marcel BAUD in 1978, Camille returned to his “first love” in 2010 to actively participate in the development of our site in Vougy.

Mélodie (BAUD Vougy)

Mélodie passed her Bsc in Mechanical Design and Digital Chains through a part-time course at our Vougy site, and naturally has continued her career with us.

Patrice (BAUD Les Verrières)

Hired as bar turning expert in 1997, Patrice is now a pillar of the group working as Sales Director and Site Director.

Laurence (BAUD Les Verrières)

Laurence was one of the earliest participants in our adventure in Switzerland.

Thierry (BAUD Genève)

An example of flexibility in our group, Thierry has worked at four of our sites between Haute-Savoie and Switzerland.

Aleksandra (BAUD Polska)

Aleksandra joined us immediately after the Baud Polska buy-out in 2008. Her adaptability is such that she uses our IT system in French while she is not at all familiar with the language.

Desmond (BAUD Singapour)

Desmond was the driving force behind the Singapore buy-out.

Nader (BAUD Tunisie)

Nader participated in the creation of the Tunisia site.

Lucie (HBI)

Having been through the part-time training system herself, Lucie now oversees training across the entire group.

Mario (Groupe)

Since 1986, Mario has been dedicated to conveying the values of the group in his capacity as Industrial and Quality Director.

Myriam (BAUD Micro)

With her professionalism and her permanent smile, Myriam has led the quality control service for almost 10 years.